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You know, I complain about this job- but it really does have its perks. There was a huge conference through here and we did their awards show. They were so pleased that they gave us free passes to the concerts left that week. Hewy Lewis and the News- while cool, not as exciting as... THE BARENAKED LADIES. So that was cool. I also toyed with the idea of marrying into money, as I watched some guy standing next to their president. However, he looked way too much like Mitch Huntzberger, and thus ruined my fantasy. (Sadly, only Stephanie will understand that reference) Anyway, back upstairs to work on the lighting of "Flook". (Who has ever heard of half the bands we have here? Tomorrow is Al Stewart. That's right THE Al Stewart. Okay, my sarcasm is bugging even me. Better get back to work.)

So very, very tired

Yesterday I was at the gym for four hours. Now before anyone freaks out and starts to think that I've got some weird eating disorder, let me explain. I had my interview for my summer position at 3:40, which left me with some time to kill before dinner, so I went to the gym. After eating, I met my friend Rosie for yoga, which was followed by a two hour "learning the ropes" course, a belay course for rock climbing. I did my test this morning and passed! And then bouldered around the gym for half an hour. Combined with my father calling at 6:45 after I went to sleep at 1:45 (staying up late watching 31 days of Oscar on Turner Classic Movies) I am currently very, very tired. Oh well, I only have to work until 11:00 tonight. No big deal. And twelve hours tomorrow. Meh.
So there you have it. The story of why I am so tired. Fascinating, I know.

Patriotisme... ?

Apparently I'm into quizzes lately. I did one on the Canoe homepage: who should you vote for? So I answered a lot of questions with yes/no/undecided answers and it came up with two parties: The Green Party (no great surprise there) and... The Bloc Quebecois. That's right. Underneath it all I am a French Separtist. Who knew?

Well I'm back

Hey everyone, I'm back. And I did Lindsay's 'what's your major quiz'. Check out the results:

You scored as Sociology.
You should be a Sociology major!

Sociology 100%
Mathematics 83%
Dance 83%
English 83%
Theater 83%
Philosophy 83%
Journalism 83%
Anthropology 83%
Psychology 83%
Linguistics 75%
Art 75%
Engineering 67%
Biology 58%
Chemistry 50%

I guess my initial plan of being a Sociology major was actually the correct one. And then eight majors at 83%?!? And you see why I have issues decided what I should do or be- oh well- for now, I'm being theatre- 83%. We'll see what the future holds. The math one is a little startling though. I guess it was all those yeses to analytical/problem solving stuff. That's me. Analyzing till I'm in the grave.

Well, I'll have to update later. Right now the past few weeks seems like too much to capsulize. I'll have to wait until I'm resettled.
Until then.

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Ever since Stephanie told us that she was able to locate our journals by searching things like Windsor Theatre, I have been very hesitant to write anything personal here. Because who knows- that person might be reading it. It almost makes me want to go back and erase everything I ever wrote about Dan. Because there are things going on that I would like to share with people. I guess I'll just have to write more letters, or send more e-mails. I should get on that. Suffice to say, my life has become somewhat interesting lately. And there you have it.
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I wish that in the past couple of weeks since I last updated that something spectacular and life-changing had happened to tell everyone about, but unfortunately, that is not the case. At the moment, I'm sitting in the booth at the Eric Harvie Theatre. We're having a technical rehearsal for the Mountain Book Festival. One of the presenters is having technical difficulties, so he's using his own projector. They're trying to figure out how to set that up, but it has nothing to do with me, so I get to hang out. It's so different: at Windsor Theatre, if there were problems with anything, and I mean anything, from costumes to sound to set, and I was there, I would be jumping down to help out. However, here, since I know nothing about projectors, I am expected to just stand by. So I am.

Life has been, well, dull. I live a relatively stress-free existence. Exciting things are shopping trips to Calgary on my day off tomorrow. This will probably be the highlight of this month. (No, that's an exaggeration. My birthday is in two weeks. And we're going to see a place at One Yellow Rabbit in Calgary next week). I have been dealing with emotional drama. The old boyfriend, Dan, was trying not to be an old boyfriend for awhile. That just wasn't going anywhere good though, so a few days ago, I told him I was done with it all. Since then, he has called me several times, stopped by my room and invited me to lunch, and made sure I got the last free ticket to that show in Calgary. Why do guys do this? You break things off because they don't have enough time for you, or they aren't communicative enough, and suddenly they are the most attentive people in the world. Anyway, that is that.

Other than that, I've been going out, A LOT. This past week I saw 'Grady' in concert. The former frontman of Big Sugar with a new band from the States. Their drummer: Chris Layton, former member of Double Trouble. That's right, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble. And tonight, Grand Theft Bus is here, again. I swear, it's like I never left Sackville. Last night I was out for locals night at bar downtown, the night before I went out with my roommate to a coworker's birthday party. I've really fallen in line with the transient Banffites. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not, but it certainly does help pass the time.

So there you have it- a long update to make up for the lack thereof in recent times. Hope all is well in your respective time zones. (and Eleanor, thanks for the postcard!)

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Hey everybody, isn't it awesome? Tonight I get to hear Ian Tyson. That's right. Good ol Ian Tyson, from "Ian & Sylvia". I hope you all picked up on the sarcasm. If not, I'm worried about your perceptions of me. Following Tyson this week will be a conference on domestic violence. Ralph Klein is speaking at that one. Then there is another Playbill, some folk singer guy. Then the Mountain Film Festival. And then another playbill. And then nothing. But at least we'll be somewhat busy for the next two weeks. Even if that means sitting in the booth turning on a light for a podium.
And then it's my birthday, and then a month later, I go home for two and a half weeks. It's longer than I wanted, but I figure this way I can take a bus and visit my friend Maegan in Montreal, or borrow the car and drive down to see Katie in Barrie. At least, if Katie wants me to, or will be there (how about Katie?). And there we go, the next two months lain out in front of me. Open and predictable.
However, after Christmas, there will be a few changes. My next-door neighbour Tim will be leaving, so we'll get a new sound guy, and, well, Tim will be gone. He's a highly entertaining fellow, and he will be missed. Wow, it's like he's dieing or something. Dan will leave if he ever gets another job, which means a new stage carp. Jamie is seriously considering leaving after Christmas as well, which means a new lighting tech. And since those guys are some of my favorite people... I'm just sick of making new friends, I guess.
It's gotten very cold and snowy, which means the dead season in Banff is almost over. Soon the bars will be filled again with snowboarders and their ski-bunny girlfriends. And as I prepare to be swallowed up by mountain winter, I'm starting to think about where I'm going to take off to next. Anyone have any suggestions? It's funny, I hate it when people leave, but I constantly get the urge to do the same. One day I hope to find a place that can keep me grounded. But for now, I'm going to live in every province in Canada before I die.

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I get to meet Margaret Atwood tonight! I am very excited about this, and somehow I seem to be the oddball. In fact, there are people here who downright mock her writing. Bastards. They can all go to hell! Anyway, she's speaking tonight, and I'm running the lighting, so wish me luck.

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Well, Thanksgiving has gone by. I spent the weekend eating and nursing back pain. I don't know where it came from but I wish it would go back. The real issue is sitting, and tomorrow I have to run a show, so sitting will be involved. Rar. It was an interesting weekend. Kaylna's dinner was very hostess-y styled, while the floor dinner was a free for all to see if we could eat all the food (which we did). There was an overflowing sink episode, and the chicken was underdone, but everything was made better with wine. Apparently. I ended up leaving after awhile. I've discovered there is only so much audiophile discussion I can take. I'm really glad I never decided to try and become a musician. Because little did I realize what snobs audio engineers are. They feel about musicians as Nazis felt about people: if you don't meet the standard, you shouldn't be allowed to live. Okay, so that's excessive, but the sentiment is correct.
Back to Kalyna's dinner- there was SO much food. Everyone from the theatre department, except for Rosie the office girl were there. (also excepting those who had families and left to see them). And pie- there were FIVE pies. For nine people.
So that was my weekend. Food and back pain. And television. I really wish there was a Mr. Movie style video place here, the rental fees are killing me. And also- I highly recommend "In Her Shoes". Good movie. Should be watched by all.

oh the floundering

Today is the last day of work before Thanksgiving weekend. And lo and behold- we're getting a four day weekend (of course, we have to work next Saturday to make up for the Tuesday off, but still, it's nice). It's just like school- lot's of people are leaving to go be with their families, and then there are the rest of us. Kalyna, my underboss, has organized a turkey dinner on Sunday, and our floor is apparently having something on Monday. So there will be lots of turkey for me. I went to Canmore on Tuesday and got all my baking supplies. Which was followed by me being mercilessly made fun of for my 10kg bag of flour. When you make tea biscuits, pancakes, cinnamon buns, bread, pizza dough... the flour goes by fast. They just don't seem to understand.
Anyway, so that's food. Everything else is just peachy. Yup. And that's the story I'm sticking to for the moment.