boxcarwillie (boxcarwillie) wrote,

oh the common experiences...

You know what's amazing? How common our experiences all are. I just finished reading my friends page, and here are both Stephanie and Lindsay experiencing the exact same thing. That separation, that sense of belonging to a different place and the knowledge of the cliff just beyond the horizon. I remember it SO well. And I gotta tell you- your few friends that you manage to maintain from all these different places you've been and different lives you've lead become so precious. And you can end up clinging to them. A barely ex from Banff called the other day- I hadn't spoken to him for about a year and we weren't together very long, but it was so important to talk to someone who knew me from that stage in my life. Because otherwise it's gone. I was there for a year and a half. A year and a half which contained so many firsts and then I left it, only existing in memories. Same with university, and Belgium, and home, and where I was born. You do it again and again and it becomes the way you live your life. I've always mocked reunions, but I think I'm starting to come around. Because if you can't share your experiences, it's as if they never happened.
Anyway, back to the Hour.

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