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And so it goes...

I got a very interesting phone call today. There I was, at the Infinitheatre office, finishing up for the day, when my cellphone rang. I picked it up and thought "Who could be calling me from Ottawa? I've only been thinking about joining the public service; I haven't actually done it yet." No it wasn't a bureaucrat soothsayer, it was Kevin Orr, the new artistic director at Repercussion Theatre. If you know Montréal theatre at all, these are the big summer park guys, Shakespeare in twenty two parks sort of thing. He got my name from Howard at Centaur Theatre. They're looking for a production manager, and he asked me to send my resumé to his assistant. Production manager! For an outdoor park summer/aiming for the rest of the year, Shakespeare, bilingual, touring theatre. Can anyone think of a single theatre job that sounds more like what I should be doing? Now I just need to get it. I refuse to count my chickens. Never mind the artistic director phoned me. Never mind he got excited when I said I'd worked for previous Shakespeare in the park productions. Never mind he got excited when I said I spoke french. I didn't even get a chance to tell him that I've been a tour manager for a bilingual play! But no- I refuse to get excited. Instead I will eat my dinner and then go to Dollarama. The job I will quit if I get this one. Oh the very thought of it! No- not getting excited. I refuse.

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