boxcarwillie (boxcarwillie) wrote,

Rar... Quebec bureaucracy

So that job I'm applying for- turns out I need to be a quebec resident. So today I dragged myself up to Henri-Bourassa to the SAAQ to switch over my license. Oh how I long for small towns: stupid me didn't think to make an appointment. After waiting in line I was pointed towards a phone on the wall and finally got ahold of an agent and set an appointment for next week. Which means more time I need to block off from work, and also means that when I head to the unemployment office tomorrow I will have no acceptable proof that I live here. Which will greatly decrease my chances of getting the job. What sort of sad world do we live in when I can't even get a minimum wage job in my field?
Anyway, I did get a reply from one of my resumes- to volunteer with OUTproductions. There is a Halloween cabaret this weekend I might be helping out with at the SalaRosa. Something to get me out of the house at least.

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