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Wow, just got finished going through my daily routing (checking my e-mail and then reading everyone's journal entries) and I discovered everyone is writing incredibly long entires. Novellas even. It's as if suddenly everyone has something to say, and needs someone to say it to. Which makes me feel as if I should. As I face hour number twelve at work today, with three more to go, I am more weary and bleary-eyed than thoughtful. These past few months have made me mourn my brain. Not that I was ever academic or even enthusiastic about school, I just liked being there among people who were. Here it seems we are all numb, drained by dullness and repetition, longing for something else.
Or maybe I just feel that way because this is day number three of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival and I've been surrounded by six thousand high-school and younger students with their conductors and herding mothers. I can't remember what silence sounds like. My few moments outside are like visits to another planet. I'm so very tired of minesweeper and am only mildly amused by Mordecai Richler. Will this day never end? My soul is being nibbled away day by day. It's been two or three weeks since I even worked a Playbill, let alone something remotely resembling theatre. Why oh why oh why oh why...

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